Who we Are 

We are designers, INnovators, and creators. 

Humans have a quirk; our emotions are influenced by the images, spaces, and objects around us. Trilogy strives to improve the world and the human condition by designing and crafting beautiful, functional products. Namely, pens.  We are dedicated to bringing craftsmanship, detail and beauty into the objects we interact with every day. 


We do it right & WORK WITH THE BEST

We work closely with suppliers and manufacturers who share our values. The people we choose to work with are experts in their fields; we collaborate closely with them and their collective lifetimes of experience to produce the highest quality objects. We meticulously, fanatically pursue every detail of our products. We find the beauty of these objects lie not only in the finished products, but also in the processes, materials, and people involved along the way. 


To create beautifully crafted Pens  

We have been intimately studying the design and function of pens for over two years now. We have made pens by hand, made them by machine, ran extensive simulations, returned to the drawing board innumerable times, spent hours upon hours pondering every detail, and met the best in the industry to help us on our journey. These experiences have enabled us to create the best designs and elements to produce the best pens.


And ultimately make Your world a better, more beautiful place


Our Story

I started Trilogy Pens in 2013 with the goal of sharing design and craftsmanship with my customers. I began with luxury handcrafted writing instruments from exotic hardwoods. At the time, I was only 15, but had over 7 years of in depth woodworking experience. Each pen was a piece of art. Every detail was considered. The same attention to detail, appreciation of craftsmanship, beauty of product, and beauty of process inspired ZERO. I spent hours upon hours over the lathe trying to perfect the pen, and with ZERO I believe I finally have. 

-Matt Segler



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